What happens in a counselling or psychotherapy assessment?

What happens in a counselling or psychotherapy assessment?

Deciding to start counselling or psychotherapy is an important decision and as such, it is essential that you find the right form of therapy for you. The initial consultation is an principle part of the therapeutic process. It is intended to help you to better understand the way the therapy works, and to help the therapist make an assessment of your current circumstances.

The initial consultation goals are:

  • To give you an opportunity to explore and externalise some of the difficulties you have in your life.
  • To hear your expectations of therapy and explore the reality of what can be achieved together.
  • To have a sense of the type of thinking the therapist can offer and what the framework of the ongoing work will be.
  • To enable you to ask any questions you may have about the process and the potential treatment plan.
  • To enable the therapist to make an informed decision about your current suitability for therapy or recommend an alternative form of help that might be more appropriate at the time.
  • To provide information about the different services (e.g. counselling, psychotherapy, psychosexual therapy, etc.).

The initial consultation, like a regular counselling or psychotherapy session, is carried out in an empathic, safe and non-judgemental environment where everything said will be kept confidential.


If, at the end of the session, you and your therapist decide to work together you will agree on a day and time that would be convenient for future sessions. These will take place on the same day and time each week, unless agreed otherwise with your psychotherapist.

Like in all therapies, the regularity of the sessions and the commitment made towards your own improvement is crucial. This is why you may be asked to attend weekly therapy sessions.

To book in for an assessment or to contact us should you have any questions about the services we offer, please send an email to info@usintherapy.com