Relationship therapy

Relationship therapy is a form of counselling that focuses on the dynamic between people.

What we offer

Relationship therapy is a form of counselling that focuses on the dynamic between people. The relationship becomes the client. You and your partner will discuss and set goals you aim to achieve. We will explore the dynamics between you and try to understand how you relate to each other.

It’s important to remember that you don’t ned to be in relationship to make use out of Relationship therapy. Perhaps your marriage has just ended or perhaps you are looking for a partner. We can help you to think about how you relate to others and what your expectations are in regards to the relationship you wish to create.

Our highly qualified experts will help you if your relationship is going through crisis or if you are dealing with: affair, addiction, overwhelming arguments, financial problems, sexual issues, difficulties with effective communication, parental disagreements, cultural differences, etc.

We can help you address

  • Affair
  • Frequent arguments
  • Sexual difficulties and lack of intimacy
  • Communication problems
  • Commitment issues
  • Parental or financial disagreements, etc.

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Safe practice continues

Due to recent news surrounding Covid-19, our priority is everyone’s health and wellbeing, therofe we have decided to move our practice online. All the therapists continue working in providing much needed support via online media with attention to safety and confidentiality of the sessions. Our aim is, of course, to resume face-to-face sessions as soon as the situation is back to normal. Thank you very much for your cooperation in this exceptional circumstances.